• Gender: Boy Meaning:yankee Zodiac Name:Pisces Rashi : Meen Rashi Ritu Season:(Winter-Spring) English Month: Feb/Mar

First letter of the name can take on a different meaning and importance related to their carnality, how we live, how we deal with his issues, to how we manage our sexual urges.

Letter Y - meaning : great explorers and passionate intimacy. Do you want to be first and foremost you to dominate the relationship with your partner must abide by. You are very sensual, passionate and you really like to be free and independent. Always look for new ideas for your business and torque always try to meet the needs of your intimate partner. If you do not have one then you can take advantage of this bustling energy in your work. What you pressed a lot, in a relationship, you make it clear to the partner that you are a friend.

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