• Gender: UniSex Meaning:This name is derived from the name of the Christian festival, and occasionally given to children born on Christmas Day. Used as both first name and surname since the Middle Ages. Zodiac Name:Gemini Rashi : Mithun Rashi Ritu Season:Grishma English Month: May/June

First letter of the name can take on a different meaning and importance related to their carnality, how we live, how we deal with his issues, to how we manage our sexual urges.

Letter C - meaning : people are very devoted to your partner that you are not only a lover but also a companion, a friend with whom to confide. Love confide before, during and after sexual activity with your partner because you are people who like to talk a lot, you are sociable and looking for a partner who will appreciate the way you are and I ll prove it. You always have a great desire to make love but if you are not appreciated by your partner you can just get away and do without the intimate impulses.

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