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What Astrology says about Corona virus

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Narada Samhita, an ancient Hindu astrologer, had predicted this more than 10,000 years ago. He even mentioned the pandemics' accurate time. The time when climate changes will be worse.


We all know global warming and its impact on the world climate. And world powerful leaders will be at war. It will be the year of Saturn, which is the year in which Saturn is the ruling planet. Currently, Saturn is the ruling planet. A pandemic will rise from the east. Rahu will be placed to further worsen the impact.

Just like the pandemic onset, Narada Samhita also predicted its end. It will last no more than 7 months. The life-giving planet, Sun, will enter Aries on April 14. Thigs will start improving after this day. The virus effect will start receding. People's immunity will start increasing. People will start recovering. But it will take a few months before the virus is completely gone. This will happen after June.

In short, good days are not far away. We all need to be very careful for a couple more weeks. Please follow all the instructions of social distance and hand wash religiously. Stay home and stay safe.