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How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby

Posted By: SOPHIE Lake

New born baby need special care,as we know that new born baby need a calculate percentage of milk for on every 2 or 3 hours interval, in that early stages baby needed proper attention, parents need to feed a baby after every 3 or 2 hours of interval.

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In early Stages baby remain sleepy, so need to wake up and feed properly in interval of time , mostly this think is observed that baby who born in daytime will sleep in day time and sleep in night , so be carefull according to their time and  give proper attenation.

You Should following steps in early stages

  1. Clean near by places of child
  2. Give proper feeding to child after  time of interval.
  3. Avoid to produce loud noise , get away from thing which produce loud noise.
  4. Sing for them with low pitch to feel them good.
  5. Don,t carry baby when you feeling sleepy, awake youself and then carry them with proper care put the hand below the head every time when you put in lap or in bed.
  6. Never use soap starting days for bathing, bath them by getting a water in hand and smothly rab on their body.
  7. In early stage try to feed through mother,you can use a milk powder as directed by physician  etc.
  8. Make yourself keep clean and use Hygienic food.
  9.  Mother health directly impact on child , so mother make sure to care herself for better health of baby.
  10. change the diaper of baby on regular basis and keep clean at wet and every time.
  11. Daily bathing is not recommended because it alters the skins PH.
  12. Dress up normally, overdress-ing may cause overheating.
  13. Make sure the room is warm and free of drafts.
  14. Baby  will prepare for all emotion you will feel approx the ( 1-2 months) before this you have give extra attention for feeding etc.

These all or the basic thing which you need to follow for healthy development of your Baby.extra care of baby does not mean that you should neglect caring for yourself. Make sure to bathe regular basis, maintain a healthy diet, and to get as much sleep as you can.Your health will directly impact on your baby , so with baby you need to extra care on yourself also, Make routine for all things which will help you in caring of your baby as well as also help in take care of yourself.

Following things set in habit may help to care your child.

  1. Set routine for your eating and baby feeding.
  2. Mother also need to eat healthy food , because vitamin etc can be transfer in baby through feeding via mother.
  3. Daily bathing and use hygienic thing make mother healthy as well as child.
  4. Avoid to eat non spicy things or food contain extra fat may cause to disturb the digestive system of the baby