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COVID-19 How to protect our child from this Corona Virus?

Posted By: SOPHIE Lake

As we know that number of Covid-19 cases increases worldwide, parents trying to protect their love'd ones from this harmful virus. Its clear nobody aware from the COVID-19 life cycle.


As we know the number of Covid-19 cases increases worldwide, parents trying to protect their loved ones from this harmful virus. Its clear nobody was aware of the COVID-19 life cycle.

Parents must follow below instructions to avoid of chance in their child 

1. Keep your children in House

2. Before touch or contact with the child should be clean your hand

3. Avoid serving food which causes Cold( like ice cream, cold water, cold coffee, cold juice, etc)

4. Try to serve mostly protein-rich food to boost their immune system

5. Avoid giving extra food items, which may cause digestive issues etc.

6. Avoid to visit the doctor and should convince your child to play indoor games

Few Common Things Parent Should Fellow

During this condition you have to save yourself first, If you take care of yourself and avoid gathering and hand touching will also help to Keep distance from COVID-19.


Before entering in House Clean yourself properly sensitize yourself first, then come in contact with a child.

Spend Your Time with your child to make your child happy which also help your child to boost his/her immunizing system

Try to do a variety of new things for your child as not become homesick

As per doctor psychology is an impact on everything of our life if we are more psychologically strong than our body will generate positive helpful hormones. These positive hormones will help us to keep healthy

How To Increase Immunity system

COVID-19 is not as dangerous who have a strong immune system, if we have a strong immunity system then our body will generate antibodies that will help to save us from any diseases. Gene also play a vital role in a strong immunity system, but also increase our immunity system by following things 

1. Serve more fruits and vegetables.

   The fruits which contain carotenoids, Which boost the immunity of our child eg Carrots, green beans, oranges, strawberries, etc. Studies prove that a proper diet can also protect against such chronic diseases.

2. Proper Sleep 

    Give proper sleep to your child, which helps your child to boost immunity. As per research proper sleep is also a mandate to digest food and utilize the energy in your body.


3. Breast-feed your child

    As we know that mother milk most important for a child, so Breast-feed as much as you can which increase the immunity system and also help the body to generate helpful bacteria, who fight against the virus


4. Try To Keep Happy

   We early discussed that everything will affect our psychology, so we should take care of this and keep your children busy and happy. 


Note: Please Stay at home, Keep Social distance, avoid attained gathering and only go outside if it is urgent. Follow the above things will protect you and your family and entire human from this virus